Atari St Cuddly Demos remake in HTML5

Atari St Cuddly Demos remake in HTML5

Just a quick post and link to our cool HTML5 remake of the amazing Carebears Cuddly Demos.

Me and some friends on the Facebook CODEF group worked hard for about 8 months to get everything together, and I think the result has turned out quite nicely!

Thanks to a great deal of work by:
Jr Reuille (AKA Ayoros)
Dave Eggleston (AKA Frutbunn)
Frederic Poeydomenge (AKA DYNO)
Jari Nikula (AKA New Core)
Karl Cullen (AKA Mellow Man)
Ingo Hinterding (AKA AWSM)

I’m mainly responsible for the menu and the Javascript that ties all the individual screens together. Enjoy! 🙂

You can see it on Karl’s site, by clicking here!.

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