A javaScript remake of the famous Atari ST “Grafik Und Sound” demo!

A javaScript remake of the famous Atari ST “Grafik Und Sound” demo!

Grafik Und Sound was written by Eckhard Kruse in 1986 for the Atari ST computer, and featured on the cover disk of a German Atari ST magazine called ST Computer – at the time most computing magazines come with a cover floppy disk containing software.

Naturally, once Grafik Und Sound was released on a magazine cover disk, it spread throughout the Public Domain libraries in Europe.

This was of course before the Internet was readily accessible to ‘mere mortals’, and we used to buy Public Domain/Freeware/Trialware software from companies that offered listings of disks containing a huge variety of software, graphics and music.

So, probably around 1987/1988 Grafik Und Sound appeared on a listing by the library I used at the time, and at about age fifteen I spent some of my pocket money on a disk containing it, and loved it!

Over the last few years there has been interest in ST/Amiga fans remaking old programs and demos from the eighties and nineties in JavaScript for HTML5. And I have got involved (and a bit carried away) with it over the last year.

So, I thought it would be nice to remake Grafik Und Sound for HTML5, and here it is!

You can see my remake by clicking here!

You can visit Eckhard Kruse’s website by clicking here.

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