Some fun with WebGL!

Inflatable Analyser Intro!

Here are my first small steps with JavaScript development using the HTML5 canvas element and WebGL.

This program is inspired by WAB (We Are Back) – a site listing Atari ST and Amiga demoscene demos remade in JavaScript using the CODEF library.

OK, lets go!

If your GPU is slow, then please select one of the ^2 resolutions on the configuration menu – they are lower resolution than the 16:9 sizes.

Please note: You will need WebGL support in your Web Browser to run it, and it current does not work in Internet Explorer…

It’s buggy as hell, and pretty much the first thing I have made in JavaScript, but it’s a start!

All music copyright to lug00ber – more tunes on his website.

Anywayz enjoy! 🙂


640 x 360.
720 x 405.
864 x 486.
1024 x 576.
1366 x 768.
2048 x 1152.
A low ^2 resolution.
A very low ^2 resolution.




Den Tredje Bart by Carl B.
Dark Helmets by Spaceballs and The Silents.
Kvasigen Metric System by Kvasigen.

Double click mouse for fullscreen mode!

Cubemap and texture from ShaderToy.
The famous font is by The Knighthawks on the Amiga.
All music copyright to lug00ber – more tunes on his website.

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