First post

Hello and welcome to my new blog…

I’ve never had a blog before, so please bear with me!

I’ve recently started using Servoy at work, but I’m not from a Web Development background. Fortunately Servoy makes all this alien ‘web stuff’ fairly easy to work with.

Apart from hacking together a website with very basic HTML in VIM, and basic Java Web applications using webMethods; ‘Web Development’ has always been a bit of a mystery to me.

So, I’ve decided to do something about that, and become more involved with it.

I’ve started to learn JavaScript – which I need for Servoy at work anyway. And intend to spend some of my free time playing with HTML5, CSS, basic Web Servers, WebGL, this blog (Word Press) and maybe other Web related stuff.

As a first post, I’ll add a link to my Beebem UNIX website.

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